Restoring your smile

Implant retained permanent dentures allow patients to discard loose, uncomfortable dentures and replace them with a permanent set of upper or lower prosthetic teeth. We use All-On-4 permanent dentures and help you prepare for your procedure.

All-On-4 Permanent Dentures at Dental Excel

Traditional dentures are a reluctant necessity for some people. Often, they were unable to receive standard dental implants due to insufficient bone density. Talk to us about permanent dentures and forget about cumbersome, loose and ill-fitting traditional sets of dentures for good.

For many people dentures are cumbersome, uncomfortable and constantly loose. This makes them feel uneasy about smiling and eating. All-On-4 implant permanent dentures from Dental Excel can help you regain your permanent smile and your confidence.

For more information about All-On-4 implant retained permanent dentures, make a dentist appointment to have a consultation with your local Dental Excel practice dentist in Bracken Ridge and on the Sunshine Coast.

Dental Implants

The Dental Implant Centre at Beerwah Dental Excel offers patients a relaxed environment and high quality dental care. Replace missing teeth permanently and throw your dentures away for good with dental and mini implants.

Dental implants
Implant Dentistry | Dental Excel Dentist

Denture stabilisation

Mini dental implants are ideal for candidates with limited bone anatomy and are increasingly used to stabilise full lower dentures. Visit Dr David Marley at Dental Excel Beerwah for your free comprehensive assessment.

About the permanent denture procedure

A dental implant is a fine titanium screw or rod placed into the jaw bone to replace a missing tooth root. Titanium has been used successfully in reconstructive medicine for many years as it naturally integrates with bone. Traditionally a single dental implant is placed vertically. This is used to replace a single tooth or support a dental bridge of up to three teeth. To support an entire upper or lower arch of teeth up to eight dental implants were necessary.

The All-On-4 dental implant technique

The All-On-4 dental implant technique enables you to have a set of upper or lower permanent dentures. These can be secured with as few as four dental implants. This innovation is made possible because two of the implants are slightly longer than traditional implants. They are also placed at an acute angle at the front of the mouth where your jaw bone is denser and stronger. This provides the greatest support for your dentures.

Preparing for your procedure

Preparing for your procedure is the most important phase of your treatment.  At our Bracken Ridge and Sunshine Coast dentist practices we explain the procedure in detail, develop a tailored treatment plan and answer your questions in non-medical terminology.

The first step is to make a dentist appointment to complete a comprehensive examination of your oral health to determine your suitability. One of the main advantages of All-On-4 is only a very small percentage of people are unsuitable for this procedure. Your tooth roots are responsible for keeping your jaw bone strong and healthy. If you have been missing teeth for some time, it’s possible to have lost some bone density and volume.

An x-ray is taken which produces a highly detailed image of your bone structure. This is then used to evaluate your bone quality and quantity using advanced computer imaging software. Your Dental Excel dentist uses this information to develop a tailored treatment plan, outlining the optimal placement of your implants.

For the placement of your permanent dentures you will be referred to a specialist oral surgeon. The surgeon will place your dental implant during a minor surgical procedure. Once your implants are in place, a temporary set of teeth are secured.

Recovering from your procedure

Every patient is different and your complete recovery will depend on your oral and general health. Most people return to work and their normal daily routine the following day and the average time for implants to integrate fully with your jaw bone is three to six months.

Biting and chewing places extreme pressure on your teeth and gums. At Dental Excel we advise you to have a soft food diet for at least two months after receiving your implants. If you experience any discomfort it can be relieved with a cold compress and over-the-counter medication.

You may also be required to visit Dental Excel one week, four weeks and 12 weeks after your procedure. We’ll can assess your recovery and ensure your implants and gums are healing properly. Finally, we create detailed impression moulds of your gum line and take photographs. This will ensure your new smile looks natural and your teeth bite together perfectly.

After receiving your All-On-4 dental implants and your new permanent dentures, it is essential you maintain thorough at-home brushing and flossing routine to keep your gums healthy so they can support your new teeth. You should also schedule regular appointment checkups every six months with us at Dental Excel to ensure your implants remain strong.

Your Queensland Dentist Locations

Need to see a dentist in Brisbane North or on the Sunshine Coast? You’re in luck, Dental Excel have a dental clinic near you!

Dental Excel Beerwah

Colonial Court
72 Simpson Street
Beerwah QLD 4519
Phone: (07) 5494 0199

This modern flagship practice has been established, and serving the community for over twenty years, and was the first and original of the group of 6 Queensland-based practices that are now Dental Excel, a proud member of the Marley Dental Group. We are expanding our practice to include greater facilities with a third surgery to service an increased demand because of our excellent reputation in providing quality care in a friendly environment.

We offer early, late and Saturday dentist appointments, for your convenience. Emergency dentist appointments are available daily.

We are situated in the professional Colonial Court complex, adjacent to the Beerwah Medical Practice of Dr R Bond. As well as being conveniently situated at the end of the lower end of main Simpson St, a short walking distance from the railway station, with ample parking facilities to the front and rear of the complex, also with easy wheelchair access.

More about your Beerwah dentist >

Dental Excel Palmwoods

Kolora Place
2-4 Margaret Street
Palmwoods QLD 4555
Phone: (07) 5445 0166

Established by Director and Principal Dr David Marley at the request of the community, Palmwoods has been a very busy and friendly practice for over ten years. Palmwoods is centrally located, with patents travelling from – Maroochydore, Buderim, the Hinterland towns of Flaxton and Montville, and Nambour, to see our experienced and caring dentists. Comprehensive services are available as we aim to accommodate all your dental needs.

Early and Late appointments are available – very convenient for those returning home from work. Emergency dentist appointments are available daily.

Our modern practice is close to the railway line, with ample care parking available, and wheelchair access.

More about your Palmwoods dentist >

Dental Excel Caloundra

75 Bowman Rd
Caloundra QLD 4551
Phone: (07) 5438 2555

Our Sunshine Coast dental practice is situated very conveniently both for residents of Caloundra and all surrounding areas at the Apollo professional centre at 75 Bowman Road – the main road into Caloundra from the highway south. Just opposite the Woolworths precinct and next door to McDonalds and only a stone’s throw from the beautiful Pumicestone passage.

Access is available from both the front on Bowman Rd and rear entrance off Mayes Avenue, directly behind QLD Imaging, with a large car park for the convenience of patients. We are situated on ground floor with easy wheelchair access.

This is a very modern surgery practice which provides both general and cosmetic dentistry, including Zoom® teeth whitening. We aspire to the highest professional and hygiene standards.

Early and late appointments as well as Saturday morning appointments are available to enable busy clients to find a time which is convenient to them. Emergency appointments are available on daily basis.

More about your Caloundra dentist >

Dental Excel Wurtulla

3 Wurtulla Shopping Village
Nicklin Way
Wurtulla QLD 4575
Phone: (07) 5493 1244

Centrally located on the Nicklin Way, between Caloundra and Wurtulla, at the Wurtulla Village Shopping Centre. This long established Sunshine Coast dentist practice was taken over by Marley Dental Care, now Dental Excel.

We provide a full and comprehensive range of treatments, from general family care, including dental, including children, and also the more advanced cosmetic work if desired. The practice and experienced staff offer you the same warm welcome and care you can expect at any Dental Excel practice. There is ample free car parking and easy wheelchair access.

Make your Sunshine Coast or Brisbane dentist appointment today.

More about your Wurtulla dentist >

Dental Excel Bracken Ridge

2/57 Gawain Road
Bracken Ridge QLD 4017
Phone: (07) 3261 4222

Originally established by the well-respected Bracken Ridge dentist Dr Phil Garske, now retired, this Brisbane dentist practice has undergone extensive modernisation and expansion to two surgeries.

We continue to provide the same high standard of personal dental care Dr Garske was famous for, but also embracing the modern dental technology that dentistry today demands. Our experienced and caring dentists keep fully up-to-date with the latest developments by attending regular seminars and courses.

We offer early and late appointments, including Saturday appointments. Emergency appointments are also available daily. For anxious or nervous patients, we also provide nitrous (better known as happy gas) to invoke a feeling of deep relaxation to ensure your dental treatment is completed in total comfort.

Situated just a few minutes from the Gateway Motorway, this practice is very conveniently located to serve the surrounding areas. We are situated in a popular local shopping centre with ample on and off street parking and wheelchair access to make finding a park for your dentist in Brisbane North appointment stress free. This area is well serviced by bus and rail services.

More about your Bracken Ridge, Brisbane dentist >

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Book your appointments online for Beerwah and Bracken Ridge Dental Excel locations at the current time. Request an appointment here or use any of the on-page contact forms and select your preferred location from the drop-down menu.

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