Looking after your children's teeth

We believe it is never too early to begin establishing a dental routine for your children. We have children's corners in our practices and our dentists have a range of ideas that make your children's dentistry appointments fun.

Children's Dentistry and CDBS

At Dental Excel, we take a holistic approach to Children’s dentistry and are passionate that preventive dentistry is critical from a young age as the key to a long-lasting, healthy smile. Our aims are to help our patients keep their teeth healthy for life and to help them reach their dental goals.

We deliver high-quality dental care for all the family, and we believe it’s never too early to establish a good, regular routine for your children.

Our dentists and dental care teams are trained and experienced in caring for your children’s teeth, whether they are attending for a routine check-up or undergoing treatment. Why not bring them along to your next dental visit.

Children's Dentistry | Dental Excel

Let your children play in our dedicated areas, set up especially to entertain our smaller patients at all our locations.

All our dentists and support staff have a wide range of skills and techniques to keep your children interested and entertained throughout. Book your next appointment online.

Take advantage of CDBS for your children at Dental Excel. Ensuring your children have regular check-ups now can give them a great start to a healthy mouth and smile for life.

Check your child’s eligibility at any one of our five locations.

The cost of children’s dentistry at Dental Excel locations

To ensure your child receives the dental treatment they need when they need it and help with the cost, the federal government has introduced The Child Dental Benefits Schedule. This is a dental benefits program for eligible children aged 2-17 years. It provides up to $1,000 in benefits for a child over two consecutive years and contributes towards to cost of the most common general dental services.

Eligibility commences on 1 January each year and lasts the entire calendar year. At Dental Excel, our team can provide you with comprehensive information about the Child Dental Benefits Schedule and are able check your eligibility. We bulk-bill through the Children’s Dental Benefit Scheme at all our Dental Excel locations across the Sunshine Coast and at Bracken Ridge, our north Brisbane dentist.

Take advantage of CDBS for your children at Dental Excel. Ensuring your children have regular check-ups now can give them a great start to a healthy mouth and smile for life. Visit the Department of Health website to find out more about CDBS, or check your child’s eligibility at any one of our five locations.

What is covered by CDBS?

CDBS covers a range of basic dental treatments for eligible children. This can include:

Examinations & X-rays


Fissure sealants


Root canals


The importance of maintaining a healthy mouth can help to prevent dental treatment for children. Dental Excel helps our young patients to understand the benefits of a healthy dental hygiene routine as a priority. Make sure your child has a regular dental check every six months and help them on the road to a great smile for life.

Fissure sealing is a common practice and gives your children great protection as their teeth grow in the early stages. The tooth-coloured compound is invisible on the teeth, but fills the deep fissures in the baby teeth, helping to prevent decay.

Because the first, or baby teeth provide essential markers for the second, adult teeth, it is always best to keep the baby teeth in place until they fall out naturally. Dental Excel use white fillings across our five locations. We do not use silver amalgam fillings.

There are several reasons why a baby tooth can require extraction, such as an injury, an infection, deep decay or if the tooth is not falling out at the natural time. Dental Excel performs baby tooth extractions only if necessary and no other treatment will be suitable for the issue.

If decay is present close to the nerve, but the tooth is still alive, pulpotomy is sometimes an option offered to children. This is when the tooth is treated to remove the part of the nerve affected, while leaving the healthy part in place. A crown is added to protect the tooth until it falls out naturally. A pulpotomy is an alternative to extraction if there is deep decay and a filling will not be enough to save the tooth.

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