Did you know that Dental Excel has carefully-selected, state-of-the-art dentist imaging technology at each of our five practices? We have, over the past twenty years of providing quality dental care in Brisbane and on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, invested heavily in some of the most innovative dentist imaging technology. This is to offer our patients enhanced comfort and a clearer perspective.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of dental care, and take a proactive, holistic approach to your needs to help you achieve your dental goals.

What types of dentist imaging technology do we have?

Intra Oral Camera

The intra oral camera is an impressive, high-power digital camera device that allows us to get up close and really show you what is going on in your mouth. This piece of dentist technology gives us the ability to detect tooth fracturing on a scale that is not normally seen with the naked eye, making it a powerful, preventive dentistry tool.

Soredex Digital X-Ray Technology

The latest in digital imaging – the Soredex Digora Optima Deluxe PSP System – has been installed at each of our practices to give patients a new digital x-ray experience.

Using imaging to give our patients a new perspective

At Dental Excel, we understand that dentist technology is changing. The latest systems, dentist technology and innovative techniques can offer an utterly different dental chair experience from the traditional methods. The Intra Oral Camera and Soredex digital X-ray technologies we have installed at all our Dental Excel locations shows you what we can see, not only visually, but also radiologically on an external monitor.

The imaging technology we have offers patients a different perspective, as it allows us to demonstrate, highlight, detect and discuss any issues with your oral health at the earliest stage during a routine appointment, before they become problems.

Early detection of issues is the key to successful treatment, and Dental Excel can help with the introduction of our dentist imaging technology. The experience of our dentists gained over many years of dedicated work in Australia, the US, New Zealand, Europe and the UK. Come and see us at one of our five locations across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for your routine appointment.

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