This year marks a 25-year milestone anniversary of Dental Excel Beerwah. To mark the occasion, GC & M News caught up with our founders, Dr David and Elaine Marley to find out more about our long-standing, family-run practice, the first of five we now have today.

Dr David, already a well-established and successful dentist in the UK, and Elaine arrived in Queensland in January 1998 with their three children, ready to begin a new life in the sunshine. Elaine said that ‘from day one, the local community was extremely welcoming and supportive.’

The family’s mission has always been to provide quality, modern dental care in a relaxed, easy going and friendly environment. We have always been committed to caring for patients in the same way we would wish to be cared for ourselves. These are core values that have held dear and at the heart of the business for 25 years.

Dental Excel has grown over the last quarter century, sponsoring dentists from the UK, Ireland, Canada, Poland and New Zealand to start a new life in beautiful Queensland, in addition to welcoming Australian dentists into the Dental Excel family.

With many years of experience, David has also vastly enjoyed mentoring young dentists, gaining deep satisfaction from sharing professional knowledge. He believes it is imperative to deep up to date with the latest innovations in dental technology and embraces the many changes he has witnessed in the industry during the last 25 years.

Please read the full story in GC&M News here.


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