Dr Thien Dam (Tim) obtained his Masters in Dentistry at Griffith University. He is also a Doctor of Philosophy in Science. Tim is experienced in all aspects of general dentistry with a key interest in oral surgery.

You can find Dr Tim (dentist) practicing at Bracken Ridge. Give our north Brisbane location a call to book your next dentist appointment or book online.

Dr Tim is also a regular attendee of continuous professional development programs, especially in cosmetic dentistry. He takes pride in providing patients with all the necessary information so they can make an informed decision.

He is very patient and has an exceptional ability to make patients feel at ease in his care. We find that patients of all ages find his genuine manner very relatable.

In his free time, Tim enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially his boys’ club morning coffee on the weekend. Tim also enjoys fishing. Secretly, Tim aspires to be a professional poker player, but had realised his limitations in this field much earlier.

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